Lawrenceville author signs books today

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LAWRENCEVILLE -- Local suspense writer Leslie Tentler is at Discover Mills Mall today autographing her second novel in a trilogy called "Midnight Fear." She has lived in Lawrenceville since 1989.

"This signing will be fun because I will see some old coworkers and neighbors," said Tentler. "It's exciting."

The books are based around the FBI's Violent Crimes Unit. Tentler and her publishing company, MIRA, decided to take a different approach to the trilogy. Instead of writing about the same characters book to book, she creates new stories, as well as protagonists and antagonists. The link between each person is the Crimes Unit.

There is one person who shows up in all three stories: SAC (Special Agent in Charge) Johnston, the head of the agency. He makes two small cameos per book.

"Nobody told me to do it, but I wanted an anchor character," said Tentler. "It made sense to me because each character checks in with him at the same agency."

"Midnight Fear" is set in Washington, D.C., and northern Virginia. FBI agent Reid Novak is investigating a copycat killer who is toying with Caitlyn Cahill, a woman who landed her brother in jail two years prior for the same violent type of murders.

"Readers will enjoy the romance and suspense," Tentler said. "And you'd be surprised, I do have some male readers."

Before becoming a novelist, Tentler worked in several writing positions at Public Relations firms in Atlanta. As she grew a little older, she realized her true passion.

"Writing (novels) is something that I always wanted to do, but it didn't pay the bills," said Tentler. "And whenever I sat down to write something for fun, it seems to turn into a suspense story."

She is currently reviewing and editing her third novel of the trilogy, which will be released to the public in February 2012.