Company donates $50,000 to GGC

A $50,000 gift to Georgia Gwinnett College will allow construction of an elevator in a campus building, according to news released Tuesday by the academic institution.

In response to the donation, the college plans to recognize donators H.J. Russell & Co., by naming a conference room in the college's signature building in honor of the business.

Stated Michael Russell, chief executive officer of the business: "We were pleased to help build this impressive, new institution through the construction of its student housing. However, as part of the Gwinnett community, we also felt that we had a responsibility to support GGC in other areas where assistance was needed. This naming opportunity allowed us to do that."

Lori Buckheister, director of development with the college, said H.J. Russell & Co.'s donation allowed GGC "to use its donation where it was needed most ... In this case, we identified an unfunded project we believed would be especially meaningful to the company."

The funds will provide an elevator in the campus building that houses the Department of Admissions and other services.

The building was acquired several years ago, but was originally built before the Americans With Disabilities Act. The elevator will make the building ADA compliant.

"The ADA ensures that a building can be used by individuals with all levels of ability, and I'm proud that these funds will provide permanent accessibility for students, faculty, staff and guests," Russell said.

Stated College President Daniel J. Kaufman: "We are especially grateful for the company's generosity, which will be permanently remembered through the conference room's name, as well as every time someone uses the Building D elevator. Thank you to all involved for this important contribution to Georgia Gwinnett College and the students it serves."