'The Change-Up' gets laughs from Film Fans

Special Photo: Universal Pictures. Jason Bateman, left, and Ryan Reynolds star in  "The Change-Up."

Special Photo: Universal Pictures. Jason Bateman, left, and Ryan Reynolds star in "The Change-Up."

2 out of 4 stars

“The Change-Up” claims to take the body switch comedy where it’s never gone before. “Before” refers to the children’s movies that have done this story to death. The story has grown up and entered the raunchy level popular in adult comedies of late, but the body switch concept proves to be the only new spin added. The movie will be somewhat more popular here because of all the Atlanta backdrops.

Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman are better supporting actors with big name stars. In my opinion, to have both of them as the lead characters makes the movie fall short. If crude does not tickle your funny bone, then you should avoid this film. Otherwise, wait for the rental and enjoy the occasional laugh.

— Sean Ahern, Buford

3 out of 4 stars

“The Change-Up” bursts with the masculine energy of creativity, but it’s not the sort of movie you’ll want to take your mother-in-law to see.

The film’s theme lesson is “be careful what you wish for,” as two men at opposite ends of the maturity spectrum learn that very maxim while magically switching bodies for a few weeks. They find out that they have more in common than they thought.

“The Change-Up” follows in the footsteps of the genre of the ridiculous, but it’s meant to be fun. It achieves that.

— Jay Elliott, Loganville

3 1/2 out of 4 stars

Ryan Reynolds (Mitch) and Jason Bateman (Dave) take an average movie, mix in some skilled writers, and craft one of the funnier adult movies I have seen in a long time. The plot is a bit weird but the two best friends while growing up are totally opposite as adults. Then by accident they change into each other’s personality plus a few key body parts and the fun begins in earnest. Scenes build into a slick web and a real funny movie morphs before your very eyes.

For the first time, Mitch and Dave appreciate each other in ways they could have never imagined. Looking for an exceptionally funny and entertaining adult movie? You found it.

— Rick Wright, Auburn