First day of school ends in tears

DULUTH -- No one wanted Lyric Gavin's first day of school to end in tears.

Gwinnett County Public Schools officials are investigating how the 5-year-old ended up wandering in tears through an apartment complex after she was dropped off at the wrong bus stop Monday.

Teachers and administrators at Chesney Elementary pay extra attention to kindergarteners like Lyric on the first day of school each year, said GCPS spokesman Jorge Quintana. The little girl wore special tags that listed her bus number and stop and even pointed out that she was a kindergartner going home from her first day ever.

"They are obviously very young. Riding a school bus for them is new. We want to pay special attention to them," Quintana said of kindergarteners. "At the beginning of the school year, we pay extra attention to try to prevent these things from happening."

Lyric's mother, Monisha, who spoke to an Atlanta television station but did not respond to a Facebook message for comment, reportedly went to her daughter's school when the youngster failed to get off the bus at her Duluth home Monday. Another parent at the apartment complex found the girl, in tears, and found a cell phone number inside her backpack.

"She was on the right bus. The breakdown happened when the child got off at the wrong stop," Quintana said, adding that procedures are being studied to see if they need to be changed or the bus driver would be reprimanded.

"We want to know what happened, what went wrong, to ensure our students get home safely," he said. "We transport 120,000 students every day to and from school. We do have a strong process in place. However, this was an unfortunate incident, and it does allow us to review the process. ...

"This is not how we want one of our students to start off the school year."