Pedestrian improvements set for Duluth road

DULUTH — Soon, a walk to the park could become, well, a walk in the park.

Sidewalks are set to come to Club Drive, a busy Duluth road where tragedy struck in April, when 9-year-old Gracelle Sanders was hit and killed by a car as she crossed the street to a park.

Last week commissioners advanced a project to provide sidewalks on Club Drive from Pleasant Hill Road to Club Drive Park, as well as add sidewalks, curb and gutter, lighting, landscaping and more to Pleasant Hill Road from Satellite Boulevard to Interstate 85.

About $350,000 in federal funds were awarded for the projecwts before Gracelle’s death, Gwinnett Transportation Deputy Director Alan Chapman said. But officials began working toward more upgrades after the tragedy.

In-house crews are preparing to add sidewalks to some portions of the road, he said. Others, which require drainage improvements and curb and gutter, will require a contract.

“The other two (other than the federally funded project) are moving forward fairly quickly,” Chapman said. “It’ll provide a really significant amount of sidewalks on both sides of both Cruse and Pleasant Hill.”

Foot traffic, Chapman said, is evident along Club, not just at the park.

“They don’t all have the destination of the park,” he said. “We are trying to address several destinations.”

The in-house work is expected to cost about $100,000 and should begin in the next few weeks, he said. The portions that will require a contractor will take longer, and the federally funded project is expected to begin next year.

“It’s several months out to fill in the gaps,” Chapman said.