Buford City Schools has successful start

Geye Hamby, superintendent with Buford City Schools, said he's excited about what the new school year will bring.

He and others celebrated the first day of school on Thursday.

"We had another fantastic opening, and we have continued to experience positive growth in each of our schools," Hamby said. "Faculty and staff were pleased to have the students of our community return to the classroom."

Buford Academy Principal Joy Davis agreed.

"It was an absolutely fabulous first day," Davis said.

She said the school always holds a pep rally on the first day "to get the kids used to everybody including the staff and the teachers ... it's a lot of fun for the whole school."

She said her school saw an increase of nearly 100 students this year.

In total, Hamby said Buford City Schools saw an increase of 235 students this school year. There are about 3,300 students in the system, he said.

Buford Elementary student Cooper Berry, 5, said he had a good first day of school.

"I liked going to the gym," Berry said.

Fellow five-year-old student Lexi Thomas-Meeks concurred.

"Yes, it was a good day," Thomas-Meeks said. "I like learning."

Buford Elementary Principal Melanie Reed said the first day is "especially exciting for kindergarten. It's an exciting day for the parents and students as well."

Added Reed: "We have a lot of parents walk their kids into school the first day. We probably had more moms crying this morning than we did the students," she said, smiling.