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Ivy Prep gets OK from state for two DeKalb campuses

The Georgia State Board of Education this week approved an application from a Gwinnett-based charter school to open two campuses in DeKalb County.

Ivy Preparatory Academy plans to serve girls and boys in K-6 beginning this month at its Kirkwood campus in Atlanta.

Housed on the former campus of another charter school, Ivy Prep in DeKalb is scheduled to open Aug. 31.

In a unanimous Aug. 1 vote, the state board of education moved forward with the vote for Ivy Prep as well as other charter schools around the state.

In a news release, Ivy Prep Academy Founder Nina Gilbert said the academy has "become a charter school model that our students, parents and educators have helped to become highly successful."

The school opened three years ago in Gwinnett County.

Following a court decision that shuttered the state commission created to fund charter schools, the Georgia Board of Education approved an agreement between Norcross-based Ivy Prep and Gwinnett County Public Schools that kept the charter school open.

The local campus operates as a Gwinnett County Charter School with nearly 600 sixth- through ninth-grade girls.

Gordon stated because funding was "inadequate, we decided to look for another campus to serve our DeKalb scholars..."

The all-girl campus located in Gwinnett County was one of 11 charter schools that received the state board's approval in June following a Georgia Supreme Court vote that threatened to shut them down.