CLINE: Fun at the farmers market

Though partaking in the Suwanee Farmers Market is an enjoyable, and almost weekly, experience for me, the title of the market is a tad misleading. Despite multiple trips, I've yet to see an actual farmer for sale, or even rent for that matter.

Because as much as I enjoy the various delectables, what I'd really like is for one of the said farmers to come to my home and put in a garden that would allow me to reap what they sow. The only way their produce and products could be better was if I could harvest them from my own back yard rather than driving down the road to buy them out of the backs of their trucks.

I might be all thumbs at times, but unfortunately none of them are green. So save for a few peppers and small tomatoes grown in pots, the fresh vegetables I get come from the farmers market. Not that it's a bad thing.

I find the farmers market to be a fun people (and dog) watching place, and the dogs seem to enjoy it as well. That various vendors set out samples like an outdoor Sam's Club is high on my list, too. As is the knowledge that the farm fresh eggs, the juicy tomatoes, green peppers and onions will soon be breakfast.

Whether it's bean dip or salsa, egg plant and corn, watermelon or squash or homemade bread and preserves, the farmers market doesn't lack much except maybe dessert. And even then, the gourmet cupcakes from Gimme Some Suga aren't far away.

But the best part of trips to the farmers market is supporting the hard-working folks who plant, grow and harvest the tasty food items. To get fresh food at lower prices while supporting mom and pop operations like that is worth getting up early on Saturday mornings.

And almost as good as getting it from your own backyard.

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