GGC to up budget to support enrollment jump

Photo by Tori Boone

Photo by Tori Boone

LAWRENCEVILLE — Georgia Gwinnett College will receive some additional money in the upcoming fiscal year to support its rapid growth.

The Board of Regents met earlier this week to allocate the 2012 budget for the University System of Georgia, including that of Georgia Gwinnett College. In acknowledgement of high enrollment growth, a total state funding package of $33.6 million was dedicated to the Lawrenceville college for the upcoming fiscal year. This includes $2.4 million appropriation increase over the current fiscal year approved by the General Assembly.

“The continuing support from the Board of Regents and legislature is vital for the rapid growth of GGC,” President Daniel J. Kaufman said Wednesday. “The 2012 budget allotments will enable us to hire the faculty necessary to support the growth of the college for next year.”

Kaufman said the General Assembly also added $7.1 million for infrastructure projects for GGC.

“These funds are necessary to continue building the college,” he said. “We expect to be able to accomplish a number of vital construction and structural projects with these funds.”

In addition to an increase in state funding, the college will also be receiving more money through tuition.

The Board of Regents approved an across-the-board tuition increase for the fall of 2011. The 3 percent tuition hike means that a GGC student will pay $109.87 per credit hour in the fall, up from $107. A full-time student taking 12 credit hours will pay $1,318.44 in tuition, about $36 more than in the fall of 2010.

While the tuition increase is small, a special institutional fee, set by the Board of Regents across the University System, will nearly triple. The fee will increase to $245 per semester, up from the current $95. The fee was scaled according to the type of institution in Georgia, with GGC’s set at about mid-range.

“While we certainly understand the impact of any increase on our students and their families, we hope the very modest increase in tuition and fees can be supported by both students and parents,” Kaufman said. “Without these additions, we would not be able to hire the faculty necessary to continue the excellent education programs at the college.”

The total budget for GGC, including tuition and fees, was $48 million in 2011 and will be about $62 million in the upcoming fiscal year. The increase will support the growth from 5,500 students to 8,000 students this fall.

GGC’s fall semester application deadline is June 17. For more information, visit www.ggc.edu.