POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Woodall uses April 15 to highlight FairTax

As a congressional aide, Rob Woodall used April 15 — the traditional income tax filing deadline (this year it falls on the 18th) — as a day to educate people about the FairTax, a proposal to wipe out corporate and income taxes and implement a federal sales tax.

But in his first year as a congressman, he did even better, voting Friday for a federal budget that has language supporting the idea.

“Our budget envisions fundamental tax reform,” Woodall said of the Republican legislation that passed through the House.

While the paragraph does not mention the FairTax by name, the reform plan pushed in the past by former U.S. Rep. John Linder is described, and Woodall, Linder’s protege and successor, is referenced.

Woodall did do the usual big press conference to talk about the FairTax, this time on Thursday, the 14th.

“As tax day approaches, now is the time to take that first step toward much-needed reforms to our nation’s tax code. We owe our citizens better than both our present tax code and bureaucratic system that taxes the wallets and patience of honest, hard-working Americans while simultaneously letting tax fraud and evasion run rampant,” Woodall said at the event, where about 30 congressional staffers attended and several members of Congress stopped by.

A record by tax day, the bill has 60 co-sponsors in the House and six in the Senate. Woodall said he expects more to sign on after the press conference.

“Members of Congress come together on the FairTax not because they support the bill, but because the American people they represent support the bill,” Woodall said. “I know that we picked up a few more congressional supporters by hosting this briefing. I will continue to provide educational opportunities for members of Congress in order to spread the news of what the FairTax would do for this nation. Our economy is in a dire situation right now, and with the debt ceiling and budget debate looming, we need answers and we need them now. The FairTax is that answer.”

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