OUR VIEW: Public needs details about Briscoe plans

Without a commission chair, the debate about the privatization of Briscoe Field has simmered for months. But with newly elected Chairwoman Charlotte Nash ready to preside over her first meeting on Tuesday, Commissioner John Heard is wasting no time bringing up the airport issue.

But a vote scheduled for Tuesday is expected to be delayed, with Nash asking for a more public forum. A special meeting is expected to be set, which should lead to more of the same anti vs. pro sentiment that has permeated previous forums.

We’ve heard from the folks who are adamantly against the commercialization of Briscoe and we’ve heard from the pro-privatization group Fly Gwinnett Forward. What we have not heard are any actual proposals.

In our opinion, the right way to proceed with the Briscoe Field issue is to have a clear idea of what is on the table, and the only way to do that is to hear the actual proposals. Until then, people are saying no or yes to the unknown.

Another special meeting or meetings to discuss/argue the issue won’t do much good if it’s the same generic privatization debate. The Board of Commissioners needs to go ahead and make a request for proposal, letting the plans of the interested parties be known.

At that point, the public forums will become much more beneficial and a true debate can begin.

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