PEOPLE: AMC to expand into reality TV

AMC to expand into reality TV

NEW YORK — AMC has flourished with its lineup of feature films and original dramas like ‘‘Mad Men’’ and ‘‘The Walking Dead.’’ Now the network is expanding into unscripted series with a show that tells the inside story of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Filming for ‘‘Inside the DHS’’ is set to begin this summer, with the cooperation of that agency and its boss, Secretary Janet Napolitano, according to AMC’s head of original programming, Joel Stillerman. The eight-episode series will premiere in late 2011, Stillerman said Friday.

‘‘This is not about presenting an expose, but to celebrate an absolutely massive effort that goes on day to day to keep us safe,’’ Stillerman said.

Paul Allen says book not about Gates revenge

NEW YORK — Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen defends his new book in Sunday’s episode of “60 Minutes,” saying it was meant as an important slice of technology history and not as revenge against Bill Gates.

In an interview with Lesley Stahl of ‘‘60 Minutes,“ Allen, 58, said he wanted to tell that history the way it happened. He said he hopes people understand and respect that.

In the book, Allen writes about difficult years working with Gates during the early years of Microsoft Corp. He recounts overhearing Gates talking to current CEO Steve Ballmer about reducing Allen’s stake in the company — while Allen was undergoing cancer treatment in 1982. Allen left Microsoft in 1983 as a multi-billionaire.

Crowell book recounts life spent in music

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Country singer and songwriter Rodney Crowell never met Hank Williams, but he knows very well how lives were changed by one of country music’s greatest songwriters. Crowell’s father was one of them.

Crowell, 60, first saw Williams as a small boy sitting on his father’s shoulders. The memory of that concert and his father’s love of Williams’ music would help shape Crowell’s life, something he has chronicled in a new memoir, ‘‘Chinaberry Sidewalks.’’

He planned to spend today at The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum singing Williams’ songs and describing the way they were passed down to him.