Eastside adds robotic surgical trainer

SNELLVILLE — Eastside Medical Center is the first hospital in the Atlanta market to acquire a piece of equipment that “offers the most advanced and state-of-the-art robotic surgical technology to patients today.”

The da Vinci Skills Simulator, which just became available in January, is a computer that addresses the need for a realistic training environment for robot-assisted surgery. It was recently acquired by the Snellville hospital.

“We are excited to offer this technology to our patients,” Eastside CEO Kim Ryan said. “This significant advancement in our robotic surgery platform will bring unparalleled skill to our operating rooms, leading to superior clinical outcomes and a higher degree of patient satisfaction.”

The device is thought of as a “flight simulator for surgeons,” offering a close approximation of the touch and feel of the actual da Vinci robotic surgical system. It offers a variety of exercises designed to give surgeons the opportunity for training in robotic techniques.

“By enhancing surgical capability through improved technology, we are able to provide our patients with better clinical outcomes so they can return to active, productive lives more quickly,” said Dr. Peter Mann, a gynecological surgeon at Eastside.