Cops searching for phony officer

Photo by Production WBKO

Photo by Production WBKO

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Police are searching for a man who reportedly impersonated an officer by trying to pull a driver over last week -- unluckily for him, that driver was an employee of the Gwinnett County Police Department.

According to a police report, the employee was driving on Langley Road near Cooper Road in Loganville when she observed a blue pickup truck -- possibly a Ford F-150 -- parked in the parking lot outside a nearby church.

As she drove past, the truck pulled in behind her, activating a siren and flashing white strobe lights inside its grill, the report said.

"(The victim) pulled off the side of Cooper Road to see if the truck would pass," the report said. "Instead, the truck slowed and pulled in behind with its strobe lights and siren on, similar to what a police car would do for a traffic stop."

The victim pulled into a subdivision before pulling back out and following the truck, getting a partial tag number of "NG3" from the truck's Florida license plate.

The driver is believed to be a white man between 18 and 25 years old and was wearing a baseball cap.

The distinctive pickup truck is described as follows:

* Newer blue pickup truck with "black graphics" on the side

* Oversized tires with muted black wheels, possibly with skulls on the hubs

* Tinted windows

* Flame design on grill

* Siren and white strobe lights

Anyone with information is asked to call Gwinnett police at 770-513-5300.

The Snellville Police Department recently posted this piece of advice on its Facebook page: "In the event that you believe someone that is not law enforcement is pulling you over, you can call 911 ... and communications center personnel can verify quickly if they have an officer attempting to make a stop in your area."