Police find tattoo studio in apartment

NORCROSS — Police arrested a Norcross man this week on charges he tattooed minors in a makeshift studio in his bedroom.

Johnny Coronado, 40, drew the ire of police in July, when the sister-in-law of a 16-year-old girl told an officer he’d tattooed a horseshoe and star on the girl’s hip, according to a police report.

Police interviewed Coronado at the Highland Walk Apartments, where they found tattooing equipment set up in his bedroom closet. He told police he’d worked for a nearby shop but had a falling out with the owners. He’d since tattooed “a few girls” without asking for identification, the report says.

Coronado also told police he planned to tattoo his 17-year-old son, which he thought was legal, the report states.

A day later, the alleged victim’s father called police to press charges against Coronado, and the officer secured an arrest warrant.

That warrant was served Tuesday, when police arrested Coronado on a misdemeanor charge of tattooing underage people. He’s since been released on $1,300 bond.

Tattooing anyone under age 18 is against the law, except when done by a licensed physician or technician for cosmetic or medical purposes, according to Georgia code.