Mobile home parks get break on trash billing

LAWRENCEVILLE — A handful of mobile home parks got a reprieve this year on a lump sum payment for Gwinnett’s new trash plans, which were due for homeowners with tax bills.

According to county officials, a small number of parcels that would have faced bills over more than $24,000 did not have the trash service on its tax bills, which had a first installment due last week.

Commissioners recently agreed to a payment plan for the money, which is a monthly charge of $17.86. The 2010 payments total $321.48 per unit for 18 months of service.

Officials said a mobile home park would have to have 75 units in a single parcel to reach the threshold where payments eclipsed $24,000, and less than 10 qualified.

While apartment complexes are considered commercial properties and are not billed by the unit, mobile home properties faced the charge for each unit even though the bill was for one parcel.

In 2011, the 12-month payment will be on mobile home park tax bills, officials said.