Man charged with flashing in fountain

Nouan Phouanesouvanh

Nouan Phouanesouvanh

SUWANEE -- Police arrested a man on child molestation charges for allegedly exposing himself in an interactive fountain at Suwanee's Town Center Park.

The 29-year-old suspect told police he was merely taking a bath at the popular greenspace.

Suwanee police arrested Nouan Phouanesouvanh on child molestation and public indecency charges Friday morning, after a woman told police he'd stripped to his boxer shorts, exposing and "massaging" himself as her young daughter was in the Big Splash fountain.

The mother told police she confronted the man, and he became irate. They exchanged a few words and he walked away -- but not before she photographed him with her high-end digital camera, according to a Suwanee police report.

Responding police downloaded the images and issued a lookout. Another officer found Phouanesouvanh on the front steps of the Suwanee Public Library, the report states

"(He) stated he went to the water fountains to take a bath and was yelled at by a lady in the park," the officer wrote.

Police determined Phouanesouvanh was the man in the photos and that his "bath" claims didn't hold water. They arrested him without incident.

Jail records show Phouanesouvanh was cited Sept. 16 for urban camping, defined as sleeping, preparing meals or storing belongings on public property.

A native of Laos, Phouanesouvanh is being retained at the Gwinnett County Jail for federal immigration authorities, jail records show. He has no bond.