Murder trial outcome undecided

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Jurors will continue deliberations in the case of a 2009 Duluth homicide on Monday, after Friday afternoon didn't allow them enough time to decide the fate of Norcross resident Son Hoang.

Closing arguments concluded about 3 p.m. Friday, Assistant District Attorney Maggie Benson said, leaving jurors to weigh the evidence and essentially decide whether Hoang was guilty of murder or voluntary manslaughter -- a sudden act of passion.

They couldn't come to a conclusion.

According to police reports and testimony in this week's trial, 29-year-old Hoang entered the Cafe Mozart Bakery in Duluth on the night of Dec. 1, finding his fiancee of seven years and mother of his children with another man.

It's then that Hoang pulled out a pocket knife, stabbing 24-year-old Vu Quang Lu several times before a fatal blow punctured his heart.

Lu and Mai Nguyen -- Hoang's fiancee -- had been embroiled in a months-long affair unbeknownst to Hoang, who worked at an Alabama nail salon four days a week.

Hoang's defense asserted that Lu's death was the release of a spur of the moment crime of passion, not a thought-through murder plot. Nguyen testified earlier in the week that Hoang always carried a pocketknife.