LETTERS: O'Donnell hardly has qualifications for Senate seat

Cal Thomas dares us again to think rationally in his column titled “Establishment in the crosshairs of tea party” (Sept. 22, Page 8A). Thomas believes that Senate candidate Christine O’ Donnell, R-Del., is a real conservative who will buck the establishment.

Huh? O’Donnell is a Sarah Palin wannabee, but worse. O’Donnell has a “checked past” — Karl Rove’s words, not mine — by saying crazy things such as in 2007 that American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans and mice with fully functioning human brains and doing weird things such as dabbling in witchcraft.

She also believes that condoms do not prevent AIDS and there are no facts to support evolution. O’Donnell scoffs at her critics and never has taken personal responsibility for any of her questionable actions and statements.

It is all a joke to her. If these are characteristics of a good conservative, then Thomas should also support Bob Dylan for president.

— Torin Togut