Repairman's torch starts fire: Officials

NORCROSS -- Air conditioning repairs sparked a fire in a Norcross quadraplex Thursday afternoon, officials said.

Firefighters found heavy smoke and heavy fire conditions on the backside of the building on Moran Way off of Jimmy Carter Boulevard, reporting just before 2:30 p.m., spokesman Capt. Tommy Rutledge said.

The blaze, contained to the two center units of the quadraplex, was accidentally caused by an HVAC maintenance man working with a torch, Rutledge said.

Three of the units were unoccupied. The one occupied unit suffered only "light, residual smoke damage," Rutledge said.

The only injury reported was from the HVAC worker, who burned his fingertips while attempting to put out the fire behind the air conditioning unit, Rutledge said.

The blaze was under control by 3 p.m.

"The firefighters did a tremendous job and were able to put a quick stop to prevent the fire from spreading throughout the building," Rutledge said.