NATION IN BRIEF: Mayweather hit with more felony charges in Vegas

Mayweather hit with more felony charges in Vegas

LAS VEGAS — Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. is being hit with three more felony and four misdemeanor charges in a domestic violence case that already had him facing a felony theft charge.

An eight-count criminal complaint filed Thursday by Clark County District Attorney David Roger significantly raised the ante in the criminal case accusing Mayweather of hitting his ex-girlfriend, threatening their children and taking cell phones during an argument at the woman’s home a week ago.

Philly housing worker: We had to pay to keep jobs

PHILADELPHIA — Public housing workers in Philadelphia were forced to pay into a slush fund used to lobby for federal money and throw lavish parties for their boss or risk losing their jobs, a former assistant to the director charged in a lawsuit.

The potential class-action lawsuit is the latest problem for the embattled Philadelphia Housing Authority, already the subject of several federal investigations.

Long-celebrated executive director Carl Greene is on leave after the exposure of secret agreements the agency made to pay $900,000 to a string of female employees who accused him of sexual harassment.

Federal prosecutors, along with the FBI and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, are reviewing the sex payments along with other spending and management practices under Greene.

The sprawling authority gets most of its $345 million budget from HUD.

Former Greene aide Jenelle Scott charged in her lawsuit Wednesday that about 300 employees were coerced to pay up to $130 a year each toward a slush fund to keep their jobs. Most did so through weekly payroll deductions of about $2.50.

Lennon killer forgets his other potential targets

BUFFALO, N.Y. — John Lennon’s killer couldn’t recall at his parole board hearing this month that he had considered shooting Johnny Carson or Elizabeth Taylor instead, but he couldn’t recall that he also thought about targeting Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

The Sept. 7 interview at Attica prison in western New York, transcripts of which were released Thursday, was 55-year-old Mark David Chapman’s sixth appearance before parole officials since he became eligible for release in 2000.

In rare media interviews, Chapman has listed Onassis among potential targets but said in the parole interview he could recall only Carson and Taylor.

‘‘I was going through that in my mind the other day; I knew you would probably ask that,’’ he told the panel via videoconference. ‘‘... I lose memory of perhaps the other two.’’

FBI scours Vt. for missing woman

SHEFFIELD, Vt. — By helicopter, horseback, and on foot, police and volunteers scoured northern Vermont on Thursday for an energetic 78-year-old grandmother who authorities believe was abducted from her home in a town so small it has no stores and no stoplights.

Pat O’Hagan, a widow who camped, kayaked and lived alone, was reported missing Saturday after a friend arrived to pick her up for a rug-hooking meeting and she wasn’t there. Police haven’t said what led them to believe she was abducted or mentioned a possible motive.

Wayward garden gnomes found on Montana trail

HELENA, Mont. — Helena police are looking for the homes of 10 wayward gnomes found on a Mount Helena trail.

Police Chief Troy McGee said the gnomes were found Monday evening on a popular hiking trail on the city’s south side.

The gnomes are believed to be stolen, but apparently their owners haven’t reported them missing.

McGee told the Independent Record that police contacted residents who have recently reported their garden decorations stolen and have not been able to find any matches.

Seattle cartoonist goes into hiding on FBI advice

SEATTLE — The Seattle cartoonist who started ‘‘Everybody Draw Mohammed Day’’ with a satirical cartoon in support of free speech has reportedly gone into hiding on the advice of the FBI.

Seattle Weekly editor-in-chief Mark D. Fefer announced in Wednesday’s issue that Molly Norris’ comic would no longer appear in the paper. Fefer wrote that the FBI advised Norris to move, change her name and wipe away her identity because of a fatwa, or death sentence, issued against her this summer.