LETTERS: Bigger airport a key addition to making Gwinnett greater

Gwinnett County residents need to get behind the airport expansion. Privatizing the airport and allowing limited commercial flights is just what Gwinnett County needs.

Gwinnett County has everything to offer except commercial air service. We have professional sports teams, concert venues and we host many large events including the the Relay For Life cancer walk. The area surrounding Briscoe Field is mostly commercial and many of the businesses are vacant. Expanding the airport could bring in more than $100 million a year in tax revenue alone. This act would boost our floundering local economy and could possibly lead to tax breaks for homeowners. Expanding the airport and offering commercial air service would undoubtedly attract more large businesses to relocate here.

Gwinnett County can’t even afford to give its police officers and firefighters a pay raise next year. The airport expansion could help fund our public safety workers and give raises to the people who help make Gwinnett County a great place in which to live and work.

Almost all of the letters in opposition to the airport expansion have had Lawrenceville addresses. These people bought homes near a large airport with a control tower, and now they want to complain and stop progress. Gwinnett County needs to seize the opportunity while it can before a regional airport is built somewhere else.

The hours of operation and the number of flights could be limited to ensure a peaceful coexistence with homeowners. Gwinnett County has seen a record high foreclosure rate in the past 12 months the airport expansion could help stop it.

Our county commissioners are trying to do what is right for Gwinnett County and its residents. Imagine the convenience of catching a flight out of Briscoe Field from the beautiful new terminal.

— Miles Lee