THE DISH: Fisherman's Catch

Staff Photo: Jason Braverman
 Fisherman’s Catch in Lilburn serves a crab leg platter, which is served with a baked potato and melted butter. 

Staff Photo: Jason Braverman Fisherman’s Catch in Lilburn serves a crab leg platter, which is served with a baked potato and melted butter. 

4132 U.S. Highway 78, Lilburn


On the menu

• Ye Hearty Catch — Fried or broiled captain’s shrimp, deep-sea scallops, deviled crab and filet of flounder with a homemade sauce, $10.99

• Captain’s fried shrimp — Hand-breaded, large butterflied shrimp served with a tangy cocktail sauce, $7.99, $9.99

• Fisherman’s deluxe sandwich — Fried and breaded flounder fillet with melted cheese on a fresh bun served with French fries or golden-brown onion rings, plus a secret shipboard tartar sauce, $5.99

• Alaskan snow crab legs — Succulent crab meat boiled to perfection with hot drawn butter, $6.99

• Open Since: 1984

• Location: Fisherman’s Catch is the lone building across from Home Depot on U.S. Highway 78.

• Hours: 5 to 9 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday and 4 to 9 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays

• Owner: Donald Schier, who has been involved in the seafood business since he fried fish as a teen in a Buffalo, N.Y., tavern

• Atmosphere: Schier fashioned Fisherman’s Catch as a family restaurant. About 75 percent of the customers are regulars, some coming since the place first opened. Some of the employees have been working there for the 26 years since its inception, fostering a feeling of family. Schier said his business is popular among families, seniors and Stone Mountain tourists.

The restaurant is overflowing with sea-related decorations and memorabilia collected in its 26 years of operation. The items come from private collections, yard sales and even customers. A large Mexican turtle shell hangs on one wall, along with huge plastic fish perched in different corners, eying the customers below. Nets containing plastic crabs, fish and sea stars are draped off pillars. Other trinkets dot the interior of the restaurant, such as wooden boats, oil paintings and an alligator head.

A popular sight for kids is an aquarium with several tropical fish and a turtle, the only sea animals you won’t find on a plate.

• Menu: As the name suggests, this is a restaurant to come to if you are craving seafood. Much of the meat served is farm-raised, and Schier said some customers find the food more flavorful than the seafood in chain restaurants. Appetizers include selections such as fried northern oysters and Alaskan snow crab legs.

Popular entrees include the captain’s fried shrimp and combination meals where customers can choose a selection of different fish and seafood, such as the Ye Hearty Catch and the Skipper’s Choice. The different fish include tilapia, catfish, perch and grouper. Shellfish include oysters, scallops, crab legs and clam strips.

Almost all popular seafood items are available here with the notable exception of whole lobsters, although baby lobster tails are available. All meals are served with hushpuppies, a dying tradition in seafood restaurants.

For those who aren’t so fond of seafood, there are other options, including burgers, chicken sandwiches and ribeye steak. A kid’s menu is available for kids ages 3 to 12 with items like hamburgers, fried flounder and clam strips. Kids under 3 can eat for free.

• Things you might not know: The restaurant caters to private parties. There are specials Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, the most popular being the Tuesday all-you-can-eat crab legs for $20.99.