Murder victim was shot

Eva May Francis

Eva May Francis

SNELLVILLE -- Eva May Francis, the 61-year-old woman murdered in her Snellville home Tuesday, was specifically targeted by her assailant, officials said.

Investigators released Thursday that the suspect entered Francis' Garnet Way home as part of a pre-planned robbery, fatally shooting her in the process. Evidence at the scene showed that the home was "unlawfully entered," but police believe that Francis was not a random target.

"Upon review of the evidence and interviewing the family and business associates, investigators have concluded that this was not likely a random event," spokesman Cpl. Brian Kelly said, "that the person committing this crime knew of the victim and may have focused on Francis as a victim before their crimes, thinking she could be a good target for a robbery."

Police also released Thursday that they believe the suspect took Francis' silver 2003 Toyota 4Runner during the commission of the crime. They are asking for help locating the SUV, license plate "HU151Z," as it may lend help in finding Francis' murderer.

Anyone with information regarding the vehicle is asked to call 770-513-5300. Anyone who sees the vehicle directly is asked to call 911 immediately.

"Obviously we want to find the vehicle that may contain evidence from the crime, or hopefully lead us to the suspect," Kelly said.

Francis lived in the home with her husband, who was away on business in Canada.