Suwanee needs votes to win treehouse for kids

SUWANEE — The city of Suwanee wants to make its "super-duper-awesome-incredible, handicap-accessible, eco-friendly treehouse” a reality.

The idea is a treehouse and observation area for disabled kids in Suwanee’s White Street Park, making it accessible to the city’s 1,340 special-education students while offering environmental classes for them to learn about nature and sustainability.

To vote for Suwanee’s “treehouse for disabled kids” project:

• Visit www.refresheverything.com/treehousefordisabledkids, signing in with your e-mail address.

• On Facebook, search for the “Pepsi Refresh Voting App.” After “like”-ing it, search for Suwanee’s project to vote.

• Text 102672 to 73774 via cell phone, free of charge.

The outlet: A Internet vote-decided $250,000 grant through Pepsi’s gargantuan “Refresh Everything” project, aimed at making select community betterment projects nationwide come to fruition.

“We have more than 1,000 kids with specials needs in the Suwanee area alone, but there’s no public place in Suwanee, Gwinnett County, or even the Atlanta region where they can play in a treehouse,” said Jessica Roth, assistant to the city manager.

“This will give these kids a place to play right alongside their friends and classmates.”

The project was proposed for the under-construction park by master gardener Rosalie Tubre. She imagines the project as “an outdoor magical classroom in the trees for students to develop and appreciation of our fragile environment for an exciting opportunity to refresh everything in their world.”

City residents and friends can vote for the project Pepsi’s website at www.refresheverything.com/treehousefordisabledkids. They can also vote via Facebook and text message.

With more than 1,000 other projects up for consideration in September, tens of thousands of votes will be needed, city officials said.

“We hope that voting for Suwanee’s project will become a daily part of our citizens’ routine, like showering and brushing your teeth,” Mayor Dave Williams said.