County program helps subdivision get county sewer

LAWRENCEVILLE — A Peachtree Corners neighborhood is finally getting a break from septic tanks.

Fox Hill subdivision, a neighborhood of about 60 homes off East Jones Bridge Road, began a sewer petition program five years ago in an attempt to swap their failing septic tanks for county sewer.

Last month, commissioners approved a $1.8 million construction project to bring the sewer pipes to Fox Hill, after 70 percent of the homeowners agreed to share the cost with the county.

“It’s very expensive to build sanitary sewers in existing communities, so we’ve used a cost-sharing petition system since 2001 to give neighborhoods a way to connect to sewer when septic tanks begin nearing the end of their useful life,” Acting Water Resources Director Lynn Smarr said.

With the policy, the county will pay two-thirds of the sewer construction costs, while property owners in the neighborhood will split the other third. They will make monthly payments for 10 years at a 5 percent interest.

The construction process is expected to begin in another month, with low bidder John D. Stephens, Inc.

Interested homeowners can get more information about the sewer petition process by calling 678-376-6800.