POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Woodall in lead, Heckman gets endorsement

Camie Young

Camie Young

The margin for victory could be big Tuesday, according to a poll on the District 7 congressional race.

A poll of 1,070 voters, released by Landmark Communications, showed Republican Rob Woodall with a 60-30 lead over Democrat Doug Heckman.

With days left to go before Election Day, both candidates are still working the campaign trail.

On Friday, Heckman announced that he had the support of former U.S. Sen. Sam Nunn, a man he admires as “the model for statesmanship and nonpartisan politics.”

“Washington needs more representatives with your military background, business experience and dedication to public service,” Nunn said in a press release. “We also need more representatives who seek common sense solutions to the important challenges facing our nation by bringing people together rather than by dividing them through partisan politics.”

But the endorsement may mean little, if the undecided voters swing the way Landmark’s Mark Rountree predicts. If so, Woodall’s margin could grow to 65-35.

In the poll results, Rountree noted the Woodall, the former chief of staff of incumbent U.S. Rep. John Linder, has stronger support in the district than GOP gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal.

In the district, which includes most of Gwinnett, all of Barrow and Walton and parts of Forsyth and Newton counties, Deal holds 55 percent of the overall vote, he said.

More write-in candidates

Voters have many possibilities in the write-in election for Gwinnett County Soil and Water Conservation District supervisor.

Along with David Griffith and Steve Ramey, Brian Crisp said he wants the post, and is committed to caring for the environment. The Vietnam era veteran has a background in engineering and information technology.

On an AOL answers website, a few other candidates have expressed interest, including Kenneth Perry, Edward Perrow, Richard Verzyl Jr. and Robin Poss Payne.

Officials defend Johnson

A few local officials took issue with a comment District 4 congressional candidate Liz Carter said in a story published last week.

Carter said incumbent Democrat Hank Johnson “didn’t bother to meet” with officials from local Community Improvement Districts, but Chuck Warbington of the Gwinnett Village CID said that is not true.

In a letter to the editor, Gwinnett Village CID Chairman Shiv Aggarwarl said Johnson and his staffers have met with CID officials both in the district and in Washigton and that he played a key role in securing federal funds for upgrades to the Jimmy Carter Boulevard bridge over Interstate 85.

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