LETTERS: Clearing the air before election

As I run for the U.S. Congress seat that is being vacated by John Linder, I wanted to correct two mischaracterizations by this newspaper. The first is from an article on Oct 23 titled “War veteran faces political newcomer in race to replace Linder.” Rob Woodall has lived and worked in politics in Washington, D.C., for the past 16 years. He is not a “newcomer.” I am, in fact, the newcomer with absolutely no political experience.

In an Oct. 21 article titled “Candidates for Congress seat face off,” my position on illegal immigration is characterized as “amnesty.” This is not true. Amnesty connotes letting someone off with no consequences. My position is that if we are not willing to send 15 million illegals back to their country of origin (and we are not), then there must be a path from illegal to legal status. The cost would be substantial in terms of time and cost. They would go to the back of the line, but they would not be sent back. I do support 287(g) where if an illegal immigrant performs a criminal act, they are sent back.

I appreciate the opportunity to clear up any confusion out there. I would encourage anyone with questions to visit my website at www.dougheckman.com

— Doug Heckman, Norcross