NATION IN BRIEF: Tainted celery sickens at least 6 in Texas; 4 die

Tainted celery sickens at least 6 in Texas; 4 die

n SAN ANTONIO — Texas health officials have shut down a processing plant linked to contaminated celery that sickened at least six people this year, four of whom died, and ordered the recall of all of the produce that passed through the plant since January.

SanGar Produce & Processing Co. issued the recall Wednesday after its plant in San Antonio was shuttered. The Texas Department of State Health Services traced six of 10 known cases of listeriosis in the state during an eight month period to celery processed there. The agency is investigating the origins of the other four cases, which include one death.

Health inspectors found problems with sanitation at the plant, including a condensation leak over a food production area. The health department is trying to determine who the now-recalled produce was sold to and whether it was used in other products. The agency recommends that customers throw out or return all SanGar products.

Witness: Police overreacted in student shooting

VALHALLA, N.Y. — A college student who was at the scene when a schoolmate was shot to death by police said Thursday that the killing was ‘‘over the top, aggressive and unnecessary.’’

‘‘None of it made sense to me,’’ said Robert Coulombe, a Pace University senior.

Danroy ‘‘D.J.’’ Henry, of Easton, Mass., was killed early Sunday after police were called to a disturbance that spilled out of a Thornwood, N.Y., bar.

Police have said that Henry, a 20-year-old Pace football player, sped away and hit two officers after a policeman knocked on his car window.

His family’s attorney said Wednesday that eyewitnesses have contradicted that account and said that paramedics ignored Henry, handcuffed and dying, to attend to injured officers.

Doctor: Octomom vanished after implantation

LOS ANGELES — The fertility doctor for ‘‘Octomom’’ Nadya Suleman testified Thursday that she disappeared after he implanted her with 12 embryos, and he only learned that she was having octuplets after they were born.

Suleman was adamant about using all 12 embryos during her last appointment in July 2009, Dr. Michael Kamrava said at his state medical licensing hearing in Los Angeles. Kamrava said he suggested only implanting four embryos but obeyed her wishes.

‘‘She just wouldn’t accept doing anything else with those embryos. She did not want them frozen, she did not want them transferred to another patient in the future,’’ the doctor said.

Kamrava implanted a dozen embryos — six times the norm for a woman her age — and didn’t hear from Suleman again until after she delivered octuplets in January 2010, according to his testimony.

2 more murder charges in Mich. serial stabbings

FLINT, Mich. — Dried blood found on shoelaces and a new witness led to additional murder charges Thursday against an alleged serial killer, who now is accused of killing three men in Michigan as part of a three-state summer stabbing spree.

The Genesee County prosecutor filed two new murder cases against Elias Abuelazam after a key witness stepped forward in one killing and blood stains matched the DNA of another victim.

Abuelazam is charged with three murders in the Flint area as well as five attempted murders, all tied to a string of attacks that shook the region just a few months ago.

1,810-pound Wis. pumpkin named world’s heaviest

NEW RICHMOND, Wis. — Guinness World Records has confirmed that a massive pumpkin grown in Wisconsin is officially the world’s heaviest.

The gourd grown this year by Chris Stevens of New Richmond tips the scales at 1,810.5 pounds. That’s 85 pounds heavier than the previous record, a 1,725-pound pumpkin grown last year in Ohio.

Stevens’ pumpkin has a circumference of 186.5 inches, or more than 15 feet. When turned on its side, the pumpkin is more than waist-high to an average-size person.

Stevens unveiled his pumpkin earlier this month at the Stillwater Harvest Fest in Minnesota. He said at the time his secret is a precise mixture of sunshine, rain, cow manure, fish emulsion and seaweed.