WORLD IN BRIEF: Gunmen raid Iraqi home, kill 5

Gunmen raid Iraqi home, kill 5

BAGHDAD -- Iraqi officials said gunmen have stormed the home of a policeman in northern Iraq, killing him and four members of his family.

A police official said three women were among the dead.

The late Wednesday raid occurred in the northern city of Mosul, located about 225 miles northwest of Baghdad.

Mosul is no longer considered an al-Qaida stronghold as violence around Iraq has ebbed. But police and other security officials remain prime targets for insurgents.

Afghan govt. throws out some ballots

KABUL, Afghanistan -- Afghanistan has thrown out nearly a quarter of ballots cast in last month's parliamentary elections because of fraud, but it is still far from clear whether the public will accept the results as fair.

The full preliminary results from the Sept. 18 poll were released Wednesday after multiple delays as election officials struggled to weed out results from polling stations that never opened, along with bunches of ballots all cast for one candidate, or suspiciously split 50-50 between two people.

Southern China braces for deadly typhoon

HONG KONG -- Residents stockpiled food and ships were ordered to dock Wednesday as southern China braced for a typhoon that has already lashed the northern Philippines amid floods that have killed more than 70 people across Asia.

Typhoon Megi packed winds of 140 miles per hour when it struck the Philippines on Monday. Philippine officials reported 20 deaths, including several people who drowned after being pinned by fallen trees. The storm damaged thousands of homes and flooded vast areas of rice and corn fields.

Late Wednesday, Megi was about 350 miles southeast of the southern financial hub of Hong Kong and expected to eventually hit the southern Chinese coast, the Hong Kong Observatory said on its website.

The storm's winds have weakened to 110 mph, but are expected to build strength over the next two days before losing steam again Saturday, when the typhoon is projected to make landfall in China's Guangdong province, the observatory said.