Man accused of weaving false tale about gun possession

LAWRENCEVILLE -- An intoxicated Lawrenceville man was arrested on a series of charges last week after reportedly weaving a false story about moustachioed Mexican robbers to explain the concealed weapon he was carrying.

Gwinnett County police responded to the area of the Russell Ridge shopping center off Ga. Highway 20 in Lawrenceville at about 1 a.m., pursuing a suspicious person call, their report said.

Once there, the responding officer found 20-year-old Daniel Clinton Furtado.

A "highly intoxicated" Furtado then reportedly launched into an intricate, yet false, diatribe detailing how he came in possession of the pistol on his person.

According to police, Furtado said he was robbed at gunpoint at a fast-food restaurant on Riverside Parkway -- almost six miles away -- by four "Mexican men," all with mustaches and the same length hair. Furtado claimed they took nearly $300 before throwing the gun on the ground and driving away.

Not knowing what to do, Furtado allegedly told the police, he called a friend to pick him up and drive him to the area near Ridge Road "because he thought he had seen the same car with the Mexicans who robbed him drive down Ridge Road before."

The officer didn't buy it.

Furtado was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed weapon, prowling, criminal trespass and underage possession of alcohol. He later posted $22,800 bond.