LETTERS: Broder mistaken about intentions of the tea party

I take some exception with the column offered by David Broder, headlined “Radicals make center a lonely place to stand” (Oct. 15, Page 8A). Obviously, Mr. Broder’s time spent worshipping the current administration of this country has caused a severe tilt to the left in his mind.

He castigates a “small section” of the Republican Party, that has successfully run conservative candidates through the primaries, better known as the tea party, as radicals and a group that will ultimately cause the demise of the Republican Party. I find it distasteful that Mr. Broder can refer to a group that believes in a government that lives within its means and follows the founding document of our country as “radicals”

I understand that when Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton had such beliefs, they were “radicals” as far as the British government was concerned. But when those same beliefs are referred to as radical in today’s United States, someone has truly left their country’s foundations behind, and it certainly isn’t the tea party.

— Jay Cavanaugh