PEOPLE IN BRIEF: Toni Braxton files for second bankruptcy

Toni Braxton files for second bankruptcy

LOS ANGELES — Toni Braxton has filed for bankruptcy a second time, citing millions of dollars in debt and financial problems exacerbated by a heart condition that forced her to cancel a series of Las Vegas shows.

The filing will likely result in the six-time Grammy Award winner having to sell some of her assets to pay off debts listed in court records as ranging between $10 million and $50 million.

Her attorney, Debra Grassgreen, said in a statement the filing will allow Braxton to pay off tax debts, sell heavily indebted property in Atlanta and still care for her children.

Braxton has had high-profile health issues in recent years. In 2008 she was forced to cancel a series of Las Vegas shows after experiencing chest pains that were later diagnosed as microvascular angina. Later that year, she performed on the ABC series ‘‘Dancing with the Stars’’ but missed the finale while recovering from removal of a benign breast tumor.

Report: Illegal labor worked at Dobbs’ homes

NEW YORK — The Nation magazine is reporting that former CNN anchor Lou Dobbs relied on illegal immigrants to help maintain his homes even as he spoke out on the air against them.

The Nation said the article, published online Thursday, is based on a yearlong investigation including interviews with five immigrants who worked without papers on Dobbs’ properties in New Jersey and Florida.

Dobbs said in an interview Thursday the article is ‘‘a political assault’’ based on what he called ‘‘the lie’’ that he has hired illegal immigrants. He says: ‘‘I have never, do not now, and never will.’’

Prince Harry film sparks reactions

LONDON — British tabloids have expressed outrage over a new documentary-style film that imagines what would happen if Prince Harry was taken hostage by the Taliban.

‘‘The Taking of Prince Harry’’ depicts the prince, played by actor Sebastian Reid, serving in the military in Afghanistan and being kidnapped by insurgents.