Pair accused of robbing pharmacies of pills

LILBURN -- Lilburn police made quick work of two alleged painkiller-seeking bandits last week, heading a multi-department investigation that resulted in two men being busted with more than 1,000 pills stolen from pharmacies across the area.

According to officials, Daniel Stanley Green and Robert Kyle Jones were involved in an attempt to rob the CVS pharmacy on the 3900 block of Lawrenceville Highway at about 7:40 a.m. Friday. Jones passed a note to a pharmacist there demanding "all of your percocet and lortabs," before getting spooked and fleeing the scene, Lilburn police spokesman Capt. Bruce Hedley said.

About three hours later, donning a new shirt, Jones did the same thing at the nearby Wal-Mart, this time successfully making out with "a load" of pills, Hedley said.

Officials soon learned the pair had been very busy that morning.

It turned out Green and Jones had reportedly also hit a pharmacy in Sandy Springs between the two Lilburn incidents, where someone had taken down a license plate number. Police now also believe Green and Jones were responsible for similar robberies at pharmacies in Lawrenceville, Loganville and elsewhere in unincorporated Gwinnett, Hedley said.

"They were on a crime spree of hydrocodone," Hedley said.

After tracking down the license plate number to a Lawrenceville address, investigators found that Green's girlfriend had loaned him her Chevrolet K1500 pickup truck that morning. Lilburn investigators staked out the neighborhood before the truck reappeared late in the afternoon, Hedley said.

Upon searching the home and a nearby storm drain, police uncovered the duo's plunder for the day -- more than 1,000 pills, still in their large pharmaceutical packaging, Hedley said.

"This was an excellent job by the investigators in identifying these two robbers that plagued numerous counties over a period of one day and putting this case to rest," Hedley said.

Green and Jones, who were not armed, were arrested and are currently charged with one count of robbery, but Lilburn police are working with other departments for their alleged crimes elsewhere, Hedley said.