Second suspect found in armed robbery

DULUTH -- Good news: A second suspect in the August armed robbery of a Duluth video game store has been identified.

Better news: Like his alleged crony, he's already in jail in Tennessee.

According to police documents from Oak Ridge, Tenn., 44-year-old Ronald Rutledge Jr. and 26-year-old Orvanta Tillman -- both suspects in the Duluth robbery -- were involved in a parking lot fender-bender before fleeing from police there.

According to police, Rutledge was driving the mini-van that hit two parked cars in Oak Ridge, about 30 minutes from Knoxville, on Sept. 20. The vehicle left the scene, evading police at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour before ultimately slamming into gas pumps at an abandoned station, the report read.

Rutledge, Tillman and another suspect fled on foot before being caught and arrested on weapons-related charges after three handguns were found in the vehicle, Roane County, Tenn., police said.

On Aug. 31, Rutledge and Tillman are alleged to have entered a GameStop store on Pleasant Hill Road, binding a store employee and customer at gunpoint and pillaging video games and game systems.

They have now been charged with kidnapping and armed robbery, Duluth police spokesman Maj. Don Woodruff said Friday.

The third man arrested in Tennessee, 28-year-old Jackie Terrence Porter, is not suspected to be involved in the Duluth robbery, Woodruff said.

"My understanding is he wasn't involved in that, to this point," he said. "that may not turn out to be the case later on."

Rutledge's initial court appearance in Tennessee is slated for Monday.

Woodruff wasn't sure Friday how investigators were tipped off to the arrests in Tennessee, but said the alleged perps will also have their day in Gwinnett courts.

"They'll have to deal with that, I don't really know what (Roane County officials) got on them," Woodruff said. "But eventually we'll get them here."