DOT prepares for possible ice

LAWRENCEVILLE — Ice isn’t typically a problem until January, but Georgia Department of Transportation crews are ready in case a cold snap causes roads to freeze.

Tuesday’s rains could lead to ice this morning, said Robert Garcia, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, although he said it is not expected to be a widespread problem.

“Depending on how quickly the temperatures dive, it is possible,” he said, adding that bridges are the most likely locations.

Just in case, the DOT is prepared with salt and sand.

“Tonight, tomorrow night, next week, whenever we are needed, Georgia DOT maintenance crews are ready to respond,” said district engineer Todd McDuffie. “We’ve got our battle plan ready and will hit the streets to keep them safe for you despite the weather conditions. As we leave today (Tuesday), our equipment is ready and waiting — we are gassed up, have snow plows attached and just have to load the salt and stone into our trucks.”

Garcia said temperatures today are expected to be in the upper 40s, which could allow for the roads to dry before temperatures dip into the 20s overnight.

More severe ice is expected in the mountains, DOT officials said, adding that they will monitor conditions and be on the ready throughout the winter.