KING: DREAM Act another attempt at amnesty

The majority of Americans who breathed an exhausted sigh of relief when the elections were over have a nasty surprise in store. With the help of the liberal, semi-honest national media, the Obama-Reid-Pelosi cabal is planning an after-Thanksgiving amnesty for about 2 million illegal aliens.

The nearly decade-old DREAM Act amnesty legislation that was last defeated in September will get yet another chance in the lame-duck congressional session. A vote on the amnesty bill that most of the media refuses to accurately explain and report on could come as early as next week.

While it comes in multiple versions, the DREAM Act amnesty is constantly described as being “for teenaged students.” Complete bunk. The amnesty applies mostly to adults up to age 35 and would be the largest addition to Democrat voting rolls since ... well, since the “one-time” amnesty of 1986.

“The scope of this proposal is enormous, extending amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants including a number who have committed serious crimes, incentivizing further illegality and making it more difficult to develop a just and responsible immigration policy,” said a spokesman for Sen. Jeff Sessions, a pro-enforcement “Great American.” “In less than a decade, this reality could easily double or triple the more than 2.1 million green cards that will be immediately distributed as a result of the DREAM Act.”

Sessions goes on: “Not only would the legislation put an estimated 2.1 million illegal immigrants on a path to citizenship, it would also give them access to in-state tuition rates at public universities, federal student loans, and federal work-study programs. Illegals who gain citizenship under this legislation will have the legal right to petition for the entry of their family members, including their adult brothers and sisters and the parents who illegally brought or sent them to the U.S.”

A very effective way for readers to combat the DREAM Act amnesty is to take advantage of the completely free “fax Congress from your home computer” service provided by the pro-enforcement, nonprofit immigration-control group NumbersUSA on its easily accessed website. Washington-based NumbersUSA was founded to educate Americans of all descriptions on immigration sanity and protecting American workers. It offers additional facts on the DREAM Act scam that cannot be noted too many times.

From NumbersUSA:

• “There are no numerical limits on how many illegal aliens may be granted amnesty, and they cannot be counted against any existing immigration cap.”

• “There is no end date on the application period, so there is nothing to stop illegal aliens who enter the country in the future from applying if they are willing to lie about when they entered.”

• “No alien who files an amnesty application may be removed from the United States before the application is adjudicated completely. There are no exceptions to this, so as long as an alien files an amnesty application before he flies a plane into the World Trade Center or goes on a killing spree in the local mall, he cannot be removed from the country until USCIS (hopefully) denies his application and he has exhausted all appeals.”

• “Every illegal alien who applies for amnesty would move to the front of the line, ahead of the millions of people who are in line to come to the United States the right way.”

Know this: If the DREAM Act is approved, the chances of resentful, newly legalized former illegal aliens and their families who have been raised on vicious identity politics becoming immigration enforcement stalwarts when they gain the ability to vote are slim and none. These are the open borders people who are even now — as illegals — marching with the ACLU demanding an end to enforcement of our immigration laws.

There is still work for mainstream America to this year.

D.A. King is president of the Georgia-based Dustin Inman Society and a nationally recognized authority on illegal immigration.