LETTERS: Cal Thomas needs to get facts straight

Cal Thomas’ article (“Palestinians must make changes to really negotiate,” Nov. 17, Page 10A) fails to do what all good reporters typically do: report the news. Thomas claims that the U.S. government is insane to exert pressure on Israel “to stop building settlements in the West Bank.” He also writes that”peace negotiations” are meaningless due to Palestine’s demands. He then riddles off several rhetorical questions that do little to justify his previous points.

Mr. Thomas’ opinion may reflect that of many others, but certain facts cannot be denied. Israel has forced millions of Palestinians out of their homes and into make-shift cities behind walls. The Israeli government has set up checkpoints that have become the center for harassment and humiliating treatment for all Palestinians. Furthermore, Israel allows Palestine only 17 percent of the water from the West Bank aquifer while taking 75 percent itself.

Lastly, the comments regarding the Islamic faith are incredibly distasteful. To assume that Muslims in Palestine are “people who believe their god has ordered them to kill Jews” shows the ignorance that some people have toward others’ faith, and in particular the faith of Islam. I invite Mr. Thomas to study the true practice of Islam and not let extremist speak on behalf of the religion.

As a Christian, it would be a disservice to have an outsider use Christian extremists, like Eric Rudolph, to define what Christians are truly all about. Please do not let terrorist organizations do the same for Islam.

— Andrew Brandt