Grayson continues to finalize amendment

GRAYSON — The Grayson City Council continued its work to finalize a new City Charter Amendment on Monday night in preparation for sending it to the Georgia General Assembly in January for approval.

The second draft of the amendment from city attorneys Lee and Frank calls for changing the city government from a strong mayor to a weak mayor setup, which would require council members to appoint department heads and commission chairmen.

According to Mayor Jim Hinkle, there will need to be a timeline for getting the amendment to the Legislature, and will include advertising the amendment and working with the local legislative delegation.

One of the new aspects of the charter still under discussion is whether to allow the mayor to have a vote in the council.

“I think the mayor ought to go on record and have a vote,” Hinkle said. “And, it needs to be a recordable vote. It lets the mayor have a little more input with the final analysis.”

Another point of discussion was whether to leave council terms at two years or change them to four.

In addition, the Capital Reserve Fund under the new charter will be set at $400,000. “That’s a good number for a reserve fund,” Hinkle said.

In other business, the Council:

• Agreed to purchase and install new playground equipment at the city park.

• Issued a special use permit to Carlito’s Restaurant to allow them extended business hours until 1:55 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights for birthday parties, and for Cinco de Mayo.

• Adopted an ordinance and recertification resolution to be a Certified City of Ethics in order for it to be printed in the City Code and sent to the Georgia Municipal Association.

• Adopted a resolution for the Gwinnett County Hazard Mitigation Plan.

• Announced that Dec. 2 through 11 will be the Parade of Trees in Grayson.