LETTER: Democrats still don't get it

The recent letter by Gwinnett County’s Democratic Party Vice Chairman Jay Trevari, who — interestingly enough — is on their “Committee for Communications,” validates the fact that they still don’t get it. Mr. Trevari needs to retreat and do some hard thinking, because his committee obviously isn’t getting it done. He talks about Republicans being experts at getting people to vote — Really? And this from the party that supports ACORN, which rallies people to vote exactly as they are told, even if they do not understand the issues? Yes, this from the party who calls the Republicans the “Party of No,” despite the Democrats rallying to take away our right to own guns, and now in California, trying to decide for us whether our kids can eat Happy Meals or not.

He asserts that people are callously misinterpreting the election results. Really? I think its pretty clear to everyone, considering the largest political landslide in our lifetime. Barnes lost the governor’s race because he had a poor record, and because of his negative campaign ads against Nathan Deal, one of the most upstanding political figures we’ve had the privilege to vote for. Mr. Trevari continues Barnes’ theme in his letter.

This is not an endorsement of the Republican Party — both sides have had their chances, which is why the tea party has gathered momentum. Democrats and Republicans both need to understand that each is winning elections with close to 50 percent of the electorate supporting the other party. Neither party has a mandate. What we need is to be brought together in the common cause. Mr. Trevari’s approach, a failed one, isn’t the way.

— Mike Puckett