PEOPLE: West makes amends with President Bush

West makes amends with President Bush

NEW YORK — Former President George W. Bush’s media blitz to sell his new book seems carefully designed to minimize surprises, although he got one Wednesday in a surprise rapprochement with Kanye West.

The rapper says now that he ‘‘didn’t have the grounds’’ to call Bush a racist after Hurricane Katrina. The former president was shown tape of West’s comments in a live ‘‘Today’’ show interview and said he appreciated West’s regret.

Bush has primarily favored the leaders of their respective fields in an effort to spread his salesmanship as wide as possible: NBC News, Fox News Channel, Rush Limbaugh, Oprah Winfrey and Jay Leno. ABC, CBS and CNN were deemphasized or left behind entirely.

In an earlier media era, Matt Lauer’s one-hour taped interview with Bush would have been jealously guarded until airtime, said Jim Bell, executive producer of the ‘‘Today’’ show. Instead, it was sliced and diced and spread around various outlets: clips aired on ‘‘Today’’ last Thursday and Friday and on ‘‘Nightly News.’’ A business-oriented response was sent to CNBC, and political comments to MSNBC and further quotes out to local NBC affiliates.

MSNBC is airing an expanded, two-hour version of the interview this weekend.

Dobbs signs with FBN

NEW YORK — Former CNN anchor and current radio talk show host Lou Dobbs is joining the Fox Business Network.

The network said Wednesday that Dobbs will host a new daily program that will start in the first three months of next year. He’ll also provide analysis and commentary on business news throughout the network’s day.

Dobbs, who had spent more than 25 years at CNN, was once the most influential business anchor in broadcast journalism with his ‘‘Moneyline’’ show in the 1990s.

During the last decade, his program gradually changed into an opinionated general news program. His campaign against illegal immigration made him a focus of political controversy. He tried to tone things down at CNN’s request but quit a year ago, concluding that it was no longer a good fit.