LETTERS: Robinson has to make you laugh at his viewpoints

Thank you GDP for allowing us to read articles written by Eugene Robinson. It is refreshing to get a good laugh from your “perspective” page. Wal-Mart degrees are really something. Mr. Robinson keeps writing that the GOP is the party of “no.” Why hasn’t he told us how many times the donkeys said “no” these past two years to the GOP? A little hypocritical don’t you think?

I can’t wait to read Mr. Robinson’s articles two years from now, if he is still in this paper, to see how he will be defining the Democrats since the GOP has a majority in the House. Are the Democrats going to say “yes” to the bills the GOP wants to pass? Obama has already said he will veto bills that don’t fit his liberal agenda. Well, isn’t that a “no” response from the Democrats or do they have a different playing field?

Does Mr. Robinson think we are that stupid that we can’t see through his words that he apparently is writing to himself? As long as liberals want more government intrusion in our lives and control over us, higher taxes, more spending and debt, and the GOP wants just the opposite, you don’t need to have a Harvard Ph.D. to figure out that both sides will be saying “no.”

The Democrats now must have a plan to avoid losing more seats in 2012. Both parties are now under the gun. Let’s not forget that the Democrats controlled Congress during George Bush’s last two years in office.

— Anthony Caruso