LETTERS: Democrats listen, but message not reaching people

Contrary to Kathleen Parker’s and Cal Thomas’ callous misinterpretation of the election results, it IS all about the message.

The Republicans are experts at getting people to vote against themselves. There is no better evidence of this than Pearl Day of Flowery Branch, in the Word on the Street, who said “I am glad Deal won, because we need someone to work with us low-income and fixed income people.” Nathan Deal, of the party that wanted to privatize social security, and now, in some cases, repeal it, blaming every ill on those “entitlement” programs like Medicare. If it were left to the Deals of the world, Mrs. Day would lose not only her Social Security but her Medicare as well, be out on the street and the Republicans would say she should have planned better.

The Democrats need to communicate to real people like Mrs. Day that we care about her and will fight to keep her from loosing what she earned and needs to survive. The question is how do we ensure she hears us?

— Jay Trevari

Vice-Chair Gwinnett County Democratic Party

Chair, Committee for Communications, Messaging