POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: U.S. Rep Johnson backs Nancy Pelosi

Camie Young

Camie Young

U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson is standing firmly behind Nancy Pelosi, just days after Pelosi took the blame for a ravaging of the Democrats’ control of Congress.

Johnson, who soundly won re-election in District 4 Tuesday, said he believes the former House speaker should be named minority leader.

“Nancy Pelosi’s tenure as speaker continues to be one of the most productive and impressive in American history,” Johnson said. “Her leadership was key in the Democratic majority’s legislative victories that moved the nation’s economy away from the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression, despite the Republican obstructionist strategy.”

Johnson, whose district includes a portion of Gwinnett, praised Pelosi for her “courage and effectiveness in successfully implementing a progressive legislative agenda” including health care reform.

Runoff to be held for judicial races

While the biggest talked about election in Georgia avoided a runoff last week, people across Georgia will still go back to the polls later this month.

Majorities were not reached in the race for Georgia Supreme Court Justice and a judgeship for the state Court of Appeals.

David Nahmias, the incumbent Supreme Court justice who was appointed to the bench a year ago, spent a lot of time campaigning in Gwinnett. And he may be back before the Nov. 30 runoff, where he faces Tammy Lynn Adkins.

Nahmias received 48.2 percent of votes statewide and 45.97 percent in Gwinnett. Adkins got 35.2 percent statewide and 36.45 in Gwinnett.

In the race for Court of Appeals, Antoinette “Toni” Davis was the lead vote-getter with 25.5 percent (24.47 percent in Gwinnett). She will face Chris McFadden, who received 35.2 percent (36.45 percent in Gwinnett.)

Shewbert named to elections board

Come January, the Gwinnett County Republican Party will have a new representative on the local elections board.

GOP Chair Bruce LeVell recently named Keith Shewbert to the board, taking the place of Don Butler.

Shewbert, a former Norcross councilman, recently lost a runoff primary for the District 2 commission seat. He is chairman of the Gwinnett Village Community Alliance.

“Keith is 100 percent reliable and in my tenure of service with him, he has always served in the utmost ethical manner,” said LeVell, who served with Shewbert on the Gwinnett Village Community Improvement District board. “Keith will make sure that the Republican Party’s interest in honest and fair elections is well-protected.”

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