LETTERS: What has Obama accomplished?

The recent letter from George Morin castigates columnist Cal Thomas for not congratulating President Barack Obama for anything that Obama has accomplished. Perhaps Morin will point out to us just what Obama has really accomplished beyond purposely creating divisiveness to advance his personal goal of government control of all aspects of our country.

Obama has instigated hate for the financial industry, the insurance industry and those individuals who risk their own wealth to start businesses. Obama purposely created divisiveness between the races and promoted class warfare, but of course that is what community organizers trained in Chicago really do. Is this to be admired?

Obama’s quest to protect his union supporters, even by effectively seizing GM for the benefit of unions and at great cost of to American taxpayers, is questionable.

Certainly Obama should be congratulated for retreating from his campaign promises to immediately withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan and his vow to immediate close Guantanamo after realizing that there really were true terrorists being held there. Our current military situation needs to be well thought-out and not used as a political pawn.

Perhaps Obama had good intentions when he pushed for the “bailouts,” but when taxpayer money was directed at helping his union and financial industry supporters, then the stench widened. Is it not questionable that the biggest financial industry benefactor of his bailout, Goldman Sachs, not only provided Obama with untold political contributions but has also been the source of many financial advisors in the Obama administration? And Obama’s letting a Democrat Congress throw hundreds of billions of dollars at pet projects was pure idiocy.

Perhaps Mr. Morin believes President Obama should be praised for his attempts to destroy our great republic in the guise of “change” but I believe Morin actually views Obama to be a liberal Democrat a la McGovern 1972. Actually, Obama is a 2010 Marxist. It’s so sad that all too many otherwise patriotic Democrats simply fail to realize how far left their party has taken them.

And might I add that as a true conservative and tea party supporter, I consider newly elected/re-elected Republicans to be not only on probation but to have actually a received temporary stay of political execution. I hope both parties listen to the anger recently expressed on election day.

— Ernest Wade