LETTERS: Most voters gave Congress a good wake-up call

Based on election results, most folks saw government crashing down on them and decided to change direction. Shockingly, there are a few states and local districts that still don’t get it. Take Nevada, whose unemployment is the highest in the nation at a shameful 14 percent. Nevadans are so proud they re-elected the charismatic Harry Reid to another term. At least they’re No. 1 at something.

The bankrupt, weed-smoking state of California returned Nancy Pelosi to Washington to continue doing for America what California has done for its own, which is to dress gaudy and spend money it doesn’t have. In New York, the powerful unions managed to re-elect liberals to utilize their budget-busting skills for you and me, and Mass. re-elected Barney Frank. “Suffering Succotash!”

Locally, DeKalb Rep. Hank “Tipsy” Johnson, who thinks an island can actually tip over if too many people stand at one end, was re-elected. Maybe we could test Hank’s theory in California, New York and Boston by having all the liberals meet at their respective sea shores for a celebratory picnic. If Hank is right, the weight should tip them over into the sea. Here’s hoping a liberal is right for once.

— Deryl Duncan