LETTERS: A variety of views serves us well

I found it ironic that immediately after reading and agreeing with Eugene Robinson’s clear and lucid argument that much of the ire — not to mention the wild accusations — directed at President Barack Obama are due to the fact that he is black, the next item my eyes fell upon was a letter to the editor by Robert Davies giving his opinion that none of Mr. Robinson’s columns “seems even remotely connected to reality.”

I disagree, and think it is important for the Gwinnett Daily Post to continue to give voice to Mr. Robinson’s views, especially as long as you continue to run columns by Cal Thomas, which I find are generally full of such prejudice and vitriol that they turn my stomach. Yet I continue to read them, and heartily hope that Mr. Davies will do the same for Eugene Robinson’s, in the hope that we can learn from and appreciate the views of others, even if we ultimately disagree with them.

— Lee Ann Bambach