POLITICS: Lawsuit between former councilmen dismissed

Camie Young

Camie Young

A lawsuit between two former Snellville city councilmen is over.

Joe Anderson, who is now running for a state Senate seat, sent out a press release saying the suit brought by Robert Jenkins has been dismissed and that all opportunity for appeal has been exhausted, while Jenkins said he was prepared to appeal before attorneys reached an agreement to let the issue lie.

Jenkins filed the suit after a series of complaints were lodged by Anderson, including claims Jenkins was accepting a bribe by renting a home from developer Wayne Mason.

Anderson said in the release that he feels "vindicated and happy to know that the truth remains a viable defense."

"I am delighted that my legal team successfully defended the First Amendment and the rights of all citizens to redress government on issues of concern," he said. "As Americans it is so important that we feel free to speak the truth about politicians and their actions in office."

But Jenkins said, "I did not walk away from this all by myself in defeat. It was mutually agreed upon."

He said that he took the only option available to defend himself from Anderson's attacks and found comfort that the 2009 election, where he was defeated by Tom Witts, was the least vicious for Snellville in his time in politics.

Straw poll results

During the recent FreedomWorks gubernatorial and congressional debates, members of the audience participated in straw polls for four races. Here are the results.

For governor, Karen Handel got 82 votes, besting Nathan Deal's 77, Eric Johnson's 67 and John Oxendine's 52. Jeff Chapman, who did not participate, received seven votes and three other candidates received one each.

For secretary of state, Doug MacGinnitie bested incumbent Brian Kemp 126 to 82.

In the congressional poll for District 7, Clay Cox led with 68 votes, with Jody Hice pulling in 43, Chuck Efstration 34, Rob Woodall 29, Tom Kirby 20 and Jef Fincher 11.

Max Wood led a poll for attorney general with 62 votes. Sam Olens brought in 46, Preston Smith got 33 and Ken Hodges got two.

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