Student charged after bus incident

LAWRENCEVILLE -- An 18-year-old Central Gwinnett High School student faces criminal charges after he reportedly squirted a school bus driver with a water gun Wednesday afternoon and later threw eggs at the school bus, officials said.

A Gwinnett school resource officer issued a warrant for the arrest of Iesha Peeples, enrolled as an 11th-grader at Central Gwinnett High, school district spokesman Jorge Quintana said. Peeples faces two counts of terroristic threats and one count of disruption of a public school bus.

During dismissal Wednesday, the last day of school, Peeples reportedly used a water gun to squirt the school bus driver, Quintana said. Peeples then left the school and did not ride the bus home.

As the school bus proceeded to transport students home, Peeples reportedly appeared at one of the stops and threw eggs at the bus, Quintana said.

At that point, the bus driver called transportation officials and 911 for assistance.