Suwanee water rates to increase in July

SUWANEE -- Public Works Director James Miller on Tuesday presented proposed water system rate increases to Suwanee's mayor and council, stating that the increases are geared to bring in sufficient revenue to operate and maintain the system.

The new rates are based on a tiered system designed to encourage conservation. The base rate for using 2,000 gallons of water/month will be $15.40 beginning in July, up from$10.79.

Water system charges increase at the 2,001, 5,001 and 10,001 gallon marks. The typical water customer will see an increase in their monthly bill of approximately $7.87.

A 10 percent rate increase will be implemented on July 1 of each of the next 3 years, also. The city also implemented new fees common to many water management systems, such as account activation, late payment , and meter tampering, re-reading and reconnection.

"After working with water consultants at Rindt-McDuff and in consultation with our citizen focus group, it became clear that we must increase rates to ensure the financial viability of our water system," said Miller. "Previously, revenue covered less than one-third of the water system's cost."

According to Miller, the rates are still lower than Gwinnett County's. Customers can expect to see the rate increase on bills due August 10 for water usage from about June 20 to July 20.

Suwanee, Sugar Hill recognize North Gwinnett girls soccer team

For the first time in the history of both cities, Suwanee's Mayor Dave Williams and Sugar Hill's mayor Gary Pirkle presented a joint proclamation to the North Gwinnett High School girls soccer team.

The team won the state championship recently, capping off back-to-back regional championships and setting and breaking several standing records.

"The foundation of communities is schools," said Williams. "North Gwinnett High School has been the foundation for this whole area of Gwinnett."

The proclamation named May 26 "North Gwinnett High School Ladies Soccer Day" in both cities.